Accessible Tourism Tenerife

Accessible Tourism Tenerife

To begin to tell you in detail about Accessible Tourism in Tenerife and what Tazirga offers, first we have to talk about some points to be well understood.

What is Accessible Tourism?

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Accessible Tourism is the collaboration of interested persons and entities that allows people with special needs (in all areas, mobility, vision, hearing, cognitive, visceral, etc.) to develop their lives independently, with equality and dignity, thanks to a wide range of tourism services, products and environments designed in a universal manner.


Our founder, Rut Gomez, has been interested in Accessible Tourism training since the beginning of her career in active tourism (2011). Initially in the diving world, she started with the training of Disabled Divers International through Rivemar (Murcia) obtaining the certification of Adapted Diving Instructor.

Over the years, the training was expanded to provide training to:

  • diving professionals
  • professional therapists in various fields (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, etc.)
  • family members and assistants to accompany leisure activities in and out of the water
  • to adapt its facilities to the needs of the hotel industry

In 2013 Rut qualified as an Instructor Trainer for Disabled Divers International and became their representative for Panama and Central America, training numerous people interested in Accessible Tourism.

In 2023, Rut Gomez continues to update its standards and accessibility and achieves ACCESSCULT certification:

“Accessible cultural heritage for all”.



In Tazirga we started working on Accessible Tourism in Tenerife since 2011.

Accessible Tourism Panama was born in 2013, thanks to Rut Gomez, founder of Tazirga. From where it promotes and trains for

inclusive leisure in the Panamanian territory, training of personnel in various sectors, recovery from water injuries, and universal accessibility in urban and coastal areas.

People with different needs have requested our services. We have had the opportunity to work with people with ASD, reduced mobility in different ranges, reduced visibility, deaf people, etc. And thanks to each of you, we have been learning and growing together.

Adapted diving
Diving in Panama

Here it is necessary to thank all the people who encouraged us and in particular Elena Prous, who trusted us for her trips to Tenerife, Panama and Mexico.

Accessible Tourism Options in Tenerife

In Tazriga we propose you several accessible routes, but before that, we like to get to know you and tell us your needs to adapt and give you the best experience.

In a generic way we have:

  • Spanish Sign Language Interpreter
  • wheelchair accessible trails
  • routes in the city accessible for reduced mobility

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