Water activities in Tenerife not to be missed

Agua - Buceo en tenerife con Tazirga

Dive into Tenerife’s exciting water activities with Tazirga Tours! Discover the best experiences on the water while exploring the natural beauty of this incredible island. Don’t miss this aquatic adventure and dive into our blog to learn more! Importance of caring for the environment and water as a natural resource Today, March 22, is International […]

Tenerife: Discover the Hidden Treasure of its Whale Patrimony

patrimonio de ballenas en Tenerife

Tenerife, an island that captivates with its picturesque landscapes and rich marine history, is home to a little-known but highly valuable treasure: its whale heritage. Although attention has long been focused on the lush biodiversity of its waters and stunning volcanic geography, the presence of these majestic marine mammals has been a vital but often […]

Conscious hiking

Senderismo consciente

What is consciuos hiking? Conscious hiking is the practice of walking in a natural space while focusing on what we are doing in that moment… on the sounds, the landscape, the smells, the temperature, the pace of our steps, our breathing… If you practice meditation, this may sound familiar, right? Si practicas meditación, quizás esto […]

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