Senderismo consciente

Conscious hiking

What is consciuos hiking?

Conscious hiking is the practice of walking in a natural space while focusing on what we are doing in that moment… on the sounds, the landscape, the smells, the temperature, the pace of our steps, our breathing… If you practice meditation, this may sound familiar, right? Si practicas meditación, quizás esto te suena, ¿verdad?

Conscious hiking is also a moving meditation, or Charan Jaap, as it is known in some branches of yoga. Your attitude is one of mindfulness or full presence in the moment. Therefore, it is an ideal tool for people who have trouble relaxing in a static position.

What benefits does conscious hiking offer?

Being out in nature provides benefits of connection with ourselves and our origins because we feel in a comfortable space. It relaxes us, promotes subsequent rest, relieves tension, increases respiratory capacity, enhances creativity and the ability to concentrate. It helps keep us in shape when practiced regularly.

Who can practice it?

It’s a tool for everyone, of all ages and conditions, as it can be modified slightly based on individual needs.

How, where, and when to engage in conscious hiking?

You can do it individually or in a group. Initially, it’s ideal to have a guide who provides the main guidelines. Afterwards, you can repeat it as often as you need. Be aware that it becomes addictive! But it’s a hobby with very positive results.

It can be practiced in any natural environment, whether it’s in a forest, on a mountain, in the jungle, on the beach, or, if you can’t travel far, in the nearest park.

Regarding the time of day, it’s ideal when there aren’t too many people around, to enjoy the silence and avoid interruptions. I personally prefer early in the morning, right at dawn, but if your schedule doesn’t allow it, you can choose a time that suits your needs.

If you’re a beginner but interested in conscious hiking, at Tazirga, we offer various Experiences that include it, while you enjoy various natural locations on the island of Tenerife. Give us a call, and we’ll provide guidance! Call us for guidance!

Conscious hiking
Conscious hiking

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