“Ellas, wise footprints”.

The “Women, wise footprints” program has concluded its first year with a resounding success.

Since its inception and approval by the Canary Islands Institute for Cultural Development in August, “Ellas, sabias huellas” has been a milestone for Tazirga.

In less than 6 months of life, we have developed 4 routes through different municipalities: Arafo, Adeje, Los Silos and Vilaflor de Chasna, making the role of rural women visible. The routes have been repeated three times.


The Equality Councils of these City Councils have offered us their support and collaboration. For this we are immensely grateful, due to the arduous task of gathering information about the rural women who make up each municipality and their contributions to its history.

We would also like to thank all the women who have collaborated in the routes.

And, of course, to all those women who, in historical opacity, have shaped our society.

And to all the people who have encouraged us and lent their time in any way to promote this social and cultural program.


On December 19 our first video is launched, the route of “Ellas, sabias huellas” in Arafo:“Ellas, y la medianía del Sur”.

“Ellas, sabias huellas” will continue to be developed in 2022 in different formats, both for institutions, educational centers, as well as for open or private groups on request.

And we are open to receive collaboration for the following routes in other municipalities, since our rural women have to be known in every cornern of the Canary Islands.

So if you are a rural woman, or you know a rural woman and want to participate, please contact us by e-mail at info@tazirga.com.

And if you are a company, individual or institution that is committed to equality, social awareness and our culture, your support is also essential.

So you can also write to us and we will evaluate the different options of collaboration that can be carried out.

Thank you for helping us to continue WALKING TOGETHER.


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