Aquawellness in Tenerife: relaxation technique in the water



Group of 3 people

What shall we do?

  • Relaxation in an aquatic environment.
  • Learning techniques to control fear of water.

In detail

Aquawellness is a relaxation technique carried out in the water, where we use breathing to release tension, relax the body and mind and focus on ourselves, in the here and now, i.e. meditation. It can be done in a swimming pool, or in the sea, in a spa, individually or in a group.

It is ideal for people who suffer from any kind of aversion to the water, as it helps them to understand the survival mechanisms that are activated when they enter an environment that is not their usual one, namely water. Carried out in a controlled manner depending on each participant, it requires the use of a mask and tube.

In a second phase, it can be done with diving equipment, it is the course called Scuba Wellness.
The student body is the one who sets the pace of advancement. You can do it on an occasional basis or as a therapy to assimilate the different skills according to your personal needs.

Once you have chosen whether you want to do this wellness activity in the sea or in a swimming pool, we will then choose the best location for the activity. We will inform you of the meeting point and time, or if you prefer, you can hire our transport service. Upon arrival, the activity will start with some basic notions of how to proceed in the water using breathing techniques and other skills to control of your emotions and body.
the water using breathing techniques and other skills to control of your emotions and body.

What is it included?

  • Certified Yoga and instructor specialized in Scubawellness
  • Insurance
  • Aquawellness session adapted to the needs of the group, in an aquatic environment in the south of the island. For other areas, consult the extra displacement.
  • Extra student after 4: 25€
  • Travel cost to North area: 30€ (From Candelaria to Buenavista del Norte).
  • Spa or pools entrance: depending the venue (from 5€ per person).
  • If you are a certified diver, or if you want to learn to dive and use this useful tool, check the activity prices including scuba diving equipment.
  • Transportation: Variable depending on the group, needs and availability. Contact us.

If you are planning to do the activity with your group of friends, and you are going to ask for transport, please contact me.

The weather in Tenerife can be very unpredictable. We advise you to check the weather conditions in advance. Always carry water, sunscreen and lip balm, sunglasses, a hat, warm clothes, mackintosh, suitable walking shoes.

For wellness activities, you may require the following items*:

Yoga: mat. If they do not have it, you can bring a towel. We also recommend warm clothes, a blanket, etc. to cover yourself during the relaxation.

Wateryoga: swimming costume, footwear to access the pool area, a towel. Some venues may require the use of a swimming cap.

Aquawellness: swimming costume, swimming mask or goggles, snorkel, footwear to access the pool area, towel. Some venues may require the use of a swimming cap.

Meditation/Mindfulness: if you prefer not to sit directly on the floor, please bring a yoga mat or towel.

* For hygiene purposes, we recommend that you bring with you all the necessary equipment for the activity. If they do not have them, we can provide them at an extra cost if you notify us in advance.

Please contact us before booking the experience to determine your personal needs and if you have any physical limitations that may require assistance.

Aquatic relaxation therapy through breathing in a pool with mask and snorkel.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves psychological balance and increases emotional stability.
  • Recommended for people who have fears and worries related to water and who wish to improve their comfort and control over their instincts.
  • Increases concentration
  • Promotes self-awareness

Tenerife is an island, with more than 200km of coastline, which offers a wide variety of natural aquatic spots where you can practice Aquawellness: black sand beaches, pebbled beaches, and natural seawater rock pools. Alternatively, if you would feel more comfortable in a more controlled environment, there are public and private swimming pools available at a cost to access them.


Visit our FAQ section to solve some doubts related to our activities and experiences. If you can’t find the answer, you can contact us.

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