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Group of 3 people

What shall we do?

  • Visit on foot one of the cities of the island. choose from: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna, La Orotava, Puerto de La Cruz, Garachico, Adeje.
  • And enjoy a wellness activity. You can choose between Yoga, Shinrinyoku or Meditation/Mindfulness.

In detail

This is a great opportunity to get to know the city of your choice in a different way. A professional guide will take you on a walking tour through the historic centre and the most representative points of the city following the footsteps of pastimes. You will learn about the origin of the foundation of the old city, its evolution and the culture and nature associated with its surroundings. During the itinerary, we will incorporate your chosen wellness activity in one of the urban natural spaces, such as a park, a beach or a swimming pool. You can add transport, a gastronomic stop or admission to museums to complete your activity. You can find all the information below.

What is it included?

  • Certified tour guide
  • Insurance
  • Walking tour interpreted in the city you choose
  • Wellness activity in urban natural space to choose (private venues may apply an extra cost)

Tazirga gives you the possibility to add more value to your experience through our extra services and activities. Please note that this will make the duration of the experience longer, with a maximum length of 8 hours.

Premium urban experience


It include
  • Certified tour guide
  • Insurance
  • Walking tour interpreted in the city you choose
  • Wellness activity in urban natural space to choose (private venues may apply an extra cost)
  • Guided tour longer. With possibility to enter in Museums, churches, … (It may include an Extra cost)
  • Gastronomic stop Food not included. Check Extras for more info.
If you prefer, you can add the Extras you choose.

This activity starts usually at 9:00h in a centric area on the choosen city. Meeting point and time are accorded in advance.

The weather in Tenerife can be very unpredictable. We advise you to check the weather conditions in advance. Always carry water, sunscreen and lip balm, sunglasses, a hat, warm clothes, mackintosh, suitable walking shoes.

For wellness activities, you may require the following items*:

Yoga: mat. If you do not have a mat, please bring a towel. We also recommend warm clothes, a blanket, etc. to cover yourself during the relaxation.

– Wateryoga: swimming costume, footwear to access the pool area, a towel. Some venues may require the use of a swimming cap.

– Aquawellness: swimming costume, swimming mask or goggles, snorkel, footwear to access the pool area, towel. Some venues may require the use of a swimming cap.

– Meditation/Mindfulness: if you prefer not to sit directly on the floor, please bring a yoga mat or towel.

* For hygiene purposes, we recommend that you bring with you all the necessary equipment for the activity. If you do not have these items, we can provide them at an extra cost if you let us know in advance.

Please contact us before booking the experience to determine your personal needs and if you have any physical limitations that may require assistance.

Urban environments always have natural spaces that may go unnoticed, but are ideal to stop for a few minutes to connect with ourselves.
Visiting a city from a mindfulness perspective also helps us to develop awareness of the traces of the ancestral societies that lived in that area, and the circumstances that surrounded them.

For centuries the aboriginal society, called Guanches, lived in harmony with nature in Tenerife. After the conquest in 1496, the social and architectural transformation that took place is reflected in today’s reality.

We suggest a guided walk through the city. A tour on foot that reviews its history, especially through the architecture that still remains.

In a quiet place, like a public or private park, where you can get close to nature, you can enjoy a wellness activity such as yoga, meditation or mindfulness. In some cities like Santa Cruz or Puerto de la Cruz there is the possibility to include a water yoga or aquawellness activity in private aquatic venues.

Your choice of wellness activity is based on the information you provide about the participants (age, physical condition, previous experience…). If you choose an aquatic wellness activity, there is surcharge for access to the water venue (see Extras for more information)
Take a break in the heart of bustling city life, listen and feel your body… allow yourself a few minutes to reconnect with yourself if you don’t have time for a more comprehensive tour.

Visit cities such as:

– Santa Cruz de Tenerife: current capital of the island of Tenerife and the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Sparkling, cosmopolitan, overlooking the sea, home to many adventures that crossed the seas.
– San Cristobal de La Laguna: World Heritage city, former capital of the archipelago, shows us its legacy, much of it preserved through more than 5 centuries of history.
– La Villa de La Orotava: flourishing colonial city located in the north of the island, in the fertile valley that bears its name.
– Puerto de la Cruz: center of the beginning of European tourism in the 50’s, located in the North of Tenerife, next to the sea. A small town full of contrasts where you can discover the heritage of the charismatic Canarian architect César Manrique.
– Garachico: after the conquest of Tenerife, it was the main port of the island, until in 1706 when the Trevejo volcano erupted, giving the city a new natural setting: marine lava rock pools (ideal for our activities if the sea is calm).


Visit our FAQ section to solve some doubts related to our activities and experiences. If you can’t find the answer, you can contact us.

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