Teide National Park Tour



per person

Group of 3 people

What shall we do?

  • National park el Teide Tenerife visit
  • Hiking tour with a guide interpreter of Teide National Park.
  • And enjoy a wellness activity. If the activity is private, you can choose between Yoga or Meditation. If the activity is a group activity, it will be an integrated session during the route.

In detail

Get to know the peculiarities of the Teide National Park tour in a different way. A Park interpreter guide will take you on one of the trails in this area and will explain the origin and characteristics of the landscape, paying special attention to the endemic flora and fauna as well as the geology. During the itinerary, we will incorporate your chosen wellness activity. You can supplement the activity by adding transport, a gastronomic stop or a climb to the peak of El Teide. You can find all the information below.

What is it included?

  • Certified tour and nature guide
  • Hiking route adapted to the group
  • Insurance
  • Wellness activity

Tazirga gives you the possibility to add more value to your experience through our extra services and activities. Please note that this will make the duration of the experience longer, with a maximum length of 8 hours.

Premium volcanic experience


It include
  • Certified tour and nature guide
  • Insurance
  • Teide summit ascent (cable car price not included, check Extras)
  • Wellness activity
  • Gastronomic stop food not included
If you prefer, you can add the Extras you choose.

Pick up at your hotel or meeting point around 8:00h.
If you want to do the route by public transport, contact info@tazirga.com and we can do it at 12:00 if you come from the south (bus 342), or at 11:00 if you come from the north (bus 348).
The weather in Tenerife can be very unpredictable. We advise you to check the weather conditions in advance. Always carry water, sunscreen and lip balm, sunglasses, a hat, warm clothes, mackintosh, suitable walking shoes.
For safety reason, cable car and Teide summit ascent are not allowed to pregnant women, under 3 years old kids (summit only over 8 y.o.), people with heart or lungs disorders.
For wellness activities, you may require the following items*:
Yoga: mat. If you do not have a mat, please bring a towel. We also recommend warm clothes, a blanket, etc. to cover yourself during the relaxation.
– Meditation/Mindfulness: if you prefer not to sit directly on the floor, please bring a yoga mat or towel.
* For hygiene purposes, we recommend that you bring with you all the necessary equipment for the activity. If you do not have these items, we can provide them at an extra cost if you let us know in advance.
Please contact us before booking the experience to determine your personal needs and if you have any physical limitations that may require assistance.

Mount Teide’s environment has all the necessary characteristics to enjoy nature in its purest state. The air is clean and fresh and the silence of the mountain is only interrupted by the sound of the trade winds. This place in itself is already therapy for the self, but practising yoga or meditation in this area will recharge you with energy from the volcano.

The highest volcanic peak in Spain imposes itself majestically before our eyes. At 3715 metres (yes, you read that right, it is no longer 3718m… nevertheless it’s still colossal) it rises above the sea. A volcanic edifice that hides under the Atlantic waters a base of approximately the same height, giving the Teide volcano third place in the world in terms of volcanic structures.

Volcanoes have always been associated with their magnanimity, energy, and might… Humans have always been surprised by the inexplicable forces of nature, and for this reason, some cultures have endowed them with their own personality. In Tenerife, the aboriginal Guanche tribes told us the legend of the Echeyde, the abode of Guayota, the evil one.

On our tours you will learn about the origin and geological features of these incredible formations that have emerged from the bottom of the ocean. How the flora and fauna have adapted to this territory, and about their relationship with our people, and what possibilities they offer us to benefit from them, as well as allowing us to enjoy the environment from a different perspective.

Perhaps we all, …, have a little volcano inside us?


Visit our FAQ section to solve some doubts related to our activities and experiences. If you can’t find the answer, you can contact us.

Group dates: 11 February, 18 March, 29 April
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