They are made from salt


Group of 6 people
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What shall we do?
  • We will recognise the role of the women of Los Silos in the municipality and meet some of them in person.
  • We will visit the unique natural enclave of Los Silos.
In detail

The land of Los Silos is covered in salt and it’s gathered thanks to the hands of all the women who built the salt mines and those who continue to work in them. Along this route, we will carry out an activity of reconnaissance that will allow us to get to know their role in the cultural and social development of the municipality, including their importance in the economic driving force of their area.

We will talk about everything related to the salt business, from the salt flats that have been handed down from mother to daughter and have become a family emblem, to activities related to the banana, sugar and tomato plantations, where women such as the packers have been an essential part of the development of the area.

Women such as Inmaculada, who has been a “Los Silos salinera”, a local salt collector for 25 years, will give us their first-hand account of their labour. Words of incalculable value which will help us to appreciate the social and economic importance that these women have had in the municipality and who fed so many mouths and families at that time.

In short, we will stroll through the natural surroundings along the shores of Los Silos, following a linear route on the coastline which, not only offers unparalleled beauty, natural swimming pools, cetacean skeletons, etc. – but will also reveal information about its people and the way in which the municipality is structured. If we are unaware of their history, we will not be able to talk about our land.


On this linear coastal route on the north-west coast of Tenerife, which takes us from the salt flats to the skeleton of a rorqual whale. We will pass by an old telegraph station and a tomato packing plant, as well as a lime kiln. You will learn why the so-called “Charco de los chochos” is named like this and you will get up close to the giant skeletons of a Cetacean. We recommend parking in the Sibora area just in case you decide to go for a swim afterwards, taking advantage of the many natural swimming pools along this stunning coastline!

What is it included?
  • Certified tour guide
  • Insurance
  • Hiking interpreted tour in Los Silos
  • Rural women participate depending of their availability: Inmaculada, Nancy
  • Vehicle to take us to the starting point. Courtesy of Los Silos City Council, Equality and Social Welfare Policies

Tazirga gives you the possibility to add more value to your experience through our extra services and activities. Please note that this will make the duration of the experience longer, with a maximum length of 8 hours.



It include

Do the activity flexibly and with the people you choose, at your own pace.

Price for groups up to 5 people. From the 6th person, add the extra 25€.

If you prefer, you can add the Extras you choose.
Activity financed by Instituto Canario de Desarrollo Cultural y Políticas de Igualdad y Bienestar Social del ayuntamiento de los Silos.

Meeting point will be at the agreed place to start the route at 9:00h.

The weather in Tenerife can be very unpredictable. We advise you to check the weather conditions in advance. Always carry water, sunscreen and lipstick, sunglasses, a hat, warm clothing, a raincoat, and suitable footwear for hiking in the mountains.

Before booking the experience, check your particular conditions and if you have any physical limitation that requires assistance.

Due to the agendas of the different women who participate in the activity, it will always be reconfirmed to verify its availability on the indicated date.

  • Improving physical health by walking in natural open spaces.
  • Increased social and environmental awareness.
  • Education about local history and culture narrated through invisible roles.
  • Get to know the courageous and determined women who empower through their experiences.
  • Collaboration with the economic development of rural areas.

Possibility of concluding the route, if time permits, with a bath in the multiple pools.



Private or group