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per person

What shall we do?

You will be guided by Marisol through her day-to-day life.

In detail

You will learn how a unique piece of linen is designed and created.

Marisol designs and creates fabrics for linen lovers and is part of the programme “Ellas, sabias huellas”.

In her workshop where she is delighted to welcome you to show you how she works, how she designs and creates fabrics inspired by nature and always looking for your wellbeing. So you’ll see that it’s not just knitting. Each creation takes many hours of work, from the selection of materials, colours and weave, to the calculation of the material for the chosen design, the preparation of the loom, the actual weaving and finally the finishing and finishing of each design. Behind every piece of linen, there is a story, your story. Wrapped in your values and connected to your philosophy and your conscience.

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What is it included?

Visit to a linen handicraft workshop


Tazirga gives you the possibility to add more value to your experience through our extra services and activities. Please note that this will make the duration of the experience longer, with a maximum length of 8 hours.

Linen deluxe

38€ per person

It include

In the premium experience you can take away with your visit an item made by Marisol:

  • Sachet of magic: linen sachet with aromatic herbs
  • Linen bookmarks
If you prefer, you can add the Extras you choose.

We will contact you to check availability for your chosen date.

Because products are on demand, it may happen that the selected item is not available at the time of purchase. In that case, we will discuss the options available to you.

Get to know the whole process of this material from the hand of a linen craftswoman.


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