Group of 4 people

What shall we do?

  • Aquatic yoga session customized and adapted to the needs of the group, in a natural environment in the south of the island.

In detail

Wateryoga is much more than just performing asanas (postures) in the water, it involves a combination of movements from other methods such as artistic swimming, and the application of different hydrotherapy techniques, etc. The session is carried out in natural aquatic environments, such as beaches, natural rock pools, seawater lidos, or in controlled aquatic spaces such as swimming pools, spas, jacuzzi. Activities begin with a connection to the environment, and asanas (postures) adapted to the water are worked on through breathing, concluding with a final relaxation, always adapted to the needs of the group.

What is it included?

  • Yoga instructor, specialized in Wateryoga
  • RC insurance
  • – Private Yoga class in a water enviroment, customize for the group needs. It would be taken in a natural water spot in Tenerife south. For other areas or private spaces (spa, swimming pools, …) visit Extras.
  • EXTRA PERSON after 4: 20€
  • Travel cost to NORTH TENERIFE: 30€ (from Candelaria to Buenavista del Norte)
  • ACCESS TO SWIMMING POOLS, SPAS…: Depending on the extra facilities you wish to visit, there will be an extra cost, from 5 to 25€ per adult person. Aquaclub: 25€ per group. Residents check prices and conditions. Essential document that verifies residence. You need to book it in advance.

The weather in Tenerife can be very unpredictable. We advise you to check the weather conditions in advance. Always carry water, sunscreen and lip balm, sunglasses, a hat, warm clothes, mackintosh, suitable walking shoes.

For wellness activities, you may require the following items*:

Yoga: mat. If they do not have it, you can bring a towel. We also recommend warm clothes, a blanket, etc. to cover yourself during the relaxation.

– Wateryoga: swimming costume, footwear to access the pool area, a towel. Some venues may require the use of a swimming cap.

– Aquawellness: swimming costume, swimming mask or goggles, snorkel, footwear to access the pool area, towel. Some venues may require the use of a swimming cap.

– Meditation/Mindfulness: if you prefer not to sit directly on the floor, please bring a yoga mat or towel.

* For hygiene purposes, we recommend that you bring with you all the necessary equipment for the activity. If they do not have them, we can provide them at an extra cost if you notify us in advance.

Please contact us before booking the experience to determine your personal needs and if you have any physical limitations that may require assistance.

Wateryoga is especially recommended as a therapy for people suffering from certain disorders, for rehabilitation, for the elderly, for people with reduced mobility… due to the benefits that water has for physical exercise and for its ability to induce relaxation.
It is ideal for gently keeping the body moving, for recovering from injuries, for eliminating muscle and joint pain and tension, and it offers added relaxation by allowing us to connect with the element of water, ever present in our lives since our birth (anmiotic liquid) up to the present day.

Thanks to the wonderful Canarian climate, Wateryoga, Woga or Aquatic Yoga can be practised all year round. A yoga practice adapted to the different aquatic settings is available on the island: sea, beach, natural rock pools, private pools, jacuzzis, spas, etc. … Students’ needs are always taken into account.


Visit our FAQ section to solve some doubts related to our activities and experiences. If you can’t find the answer, you can contact us.

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