Women and tangible heritage


Group of 6 people
What shall we do?
  • Discover the role of the Marquesses of Adeje in the area.
  • Learn about Adeje society and the role of its women through their heritage.
In detail

Through the rural environment of the municipality of Adeje we will discover what were the ways of life of Adeje society and the role of its women in all this. We will walk through its houses, its hermitages and its cuttings, we will review the different cultivation areas and its architectural remains housed in the area. All this will give us accurate clues to know in depth its ins and outs.

Indeed, it is precisely the very important role played by our Marquesses of Adeje that allows us to acknowledge them through the artistic, social and cultural heritage that we have inherited today. Such is the case of the church of Santa Úrsula (Adeje), built under the patronage of our Marquesses and nourished by an artistic heritage donated by them, such as the sargas or gobelin tapestries.

The route starts at an altitude of 1000m above sea level, passes through the different farming methods of the highlands of Adeje and ends at the sawmill farmhouse.


What is it included?
  • Certified tour guide
  • Insurance
  • Hiking interpreted tour in Adeje
  • Rural women participate depending of their availability: Quesería Montesdeoca, Ana Delia, Ingeniera del Hogar
Activity financed by Instituto Canario de Desarrollo Cultural Ayuntamiento de Adeje, Negociado de Igualdad.

Meeting point:

Iglesia de La Quinta, C/Santa Margarita 9, Adeje

Time: 9:00.

The weather in Tenerife can be very unpredictable. We advise you to check the weather conditions in advance. Always carry water, sunscreen and lipstick, sunglasses, a hat, warm clothing, a raincoat, and suitable footwear for hiking in the mountains.

Before booking the experience, check your particular conditions and if you have any physical limitation that requires assistance.

Due to the agendas of the different women who participate in the activity, it will always be reconfirmed to verify its availability on the indicated date.

  • Improving physical health by walking in natural open spaces.
  • Increased social and environmental awareness.
  • Education about local history and culture narrated through invisible roles.
  • Get to know the courageous and determined women who empower through their experiences.
  • Collaboration with the economic development of rural areas.

For routes subsidized by the City Council:

  • It is essential to prove residence in the municipality of Adeje before the route.
  • You can send an image to info@tazirga.com
  • On the 30th, the recording of the route will take place, so the attendees must sign the acceptance agreement for the transfer of image rights.
Private or group