Women and the midlands of the south


Group of 6 people
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What shall we do?
  • Learn about local products made by women.
  • Recognise their role in rescuing traditional techniques.
In detail

If there is one thing that characterises Arafo, it is its agricultural wealth, precisely because of the variety of products that are produced on this land. Furthermore, it is also due to the different women who are the protagonists of these agricultural methods. On this route we will focus on the production of honey and the traditional shepherding of Pelibuey sheep. That is why we will meet Carmen Gloria and Pilar, two transcendental women in the rural life of Arafo.

Carmen Gloria is at the head of the family business Bodegas Ferrera who, as well as producing organic wine, also produces honey recognised under the Denominación de Origen Tenerife seal. As for Pilar, she is reviving the traditional shepherding of the Pelibuey Sheep through her ancestral knowledge of this technique, producing the first organic mutton in the Canary Islands.

Following in the footsteps of their paths, we will cross the agricultural and cultural enclave of this area and we will be able to draw up a broad and real map of Arafo, one that allows us to pinpoint their work and follow the footprints of their footsteps.

The path will take us past important cultural landmarks, such as the washing places at the start of the route And if we wish to continue all the way to the end, it ends at the ovens of “Lo de los Ramos” belonging to the old Augustinian monastery, the remains of which have been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.


What is it included?
  • Certified tour guide
  • Insurance
  • Walking route interpreted in the midlands of Arafo
  • Rural women participate depending of their availability: Finca Ecológica La Jara, Bodegas Herrera, Bollería Marta
    (Wine tasting)

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It include

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Activity financed by Instituto Canario de Desarrollo Cultural y Concejalía de Bienestar social e Igualdad del ayuntamiento de Arafo.

Meeting point will be at the agreed place to start the route at 9:00h. With the reservation confirmation, the meeting point is indicated.

The weather in Tenerife can be very unpredictable. We advise you to check the weather conditions in advance. Always carry water, sunscreen and lipstick, sunglasses, a hat, warm clothing, a raincoat, and suitable footwear for hiking in the mountains.

Before booking the experience, check your particular conditions and if you have any physical limitation that requires assistance.

Due to the agendas of the different women who participate in the activity, it will always be reconfirmed to verify its availability on the indicated date.

  • Improving physical health by walking in natural open spaces.
  • Increased social and environmental awareness.
  • Education about local history and culture narrated through invisible roles.
  • Get to know the courageous and determined women who empower through their experiences.
  • Collaboration with the economic development of rural areas.

For routes subsidized by the City Council:

  • It is essential to prove residence in the municipality of Arafo before the route on the 16th.
  • You can send an image to info@tazirga.com
  • On the 16th the recording of the route will take place, so the attendees must sign the acceptance agreement for the transfer of image rights.
  • If there are no spaces for the date of the 16th, a waiting list will be opened. You can sign up for it by writing to the email info@tazirga.com


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