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Sustainability Charter for Activities in Nature

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Tazirga Wellness Tours adheres to the Sustainability Charter of Nature Activities in Tenerife:

On April 28, 2022, in the Noble Hall of the Cabildo of Tenerife, the official ceremony of the presentation of diplomas to the companies adhering to the Charter of Sustainability of the activities in nature by Turismo de Tenerifewill take place.

Tazirga Wellness Tours has been one of the 13 companies in Tenerife awarded for their good work focused on the sustainability of the island.

What is the Sustainability Charter?

The Sustainability Charter is a project of Tenerife Tourism and other areas of the Cabildo in conjunction with the business sector with the aim of improving the quality of the offer of activities in nature by active tourism companies, based on environmental, socio-cultural and economic sustainability.

The companies that voluntarily adhere to the 15 points of the Charter, which are as follows:

Scope 1. Regulations

Commitment 1 – Fit within the legal framework

Comply with the existing regulations regarding tourism, environment y transportation especially with regard to the sectorial framework granted by Decree 226/2017, of November 13, which approves the Regulation establishing the legal regime for the development of active tourism activities in the Canary Islands.

Commitment 2 – Updated information to management

To have updated information on the company’s activity and to inform the competent authorities of any changes that may occur, especially with regard to annual activity programs and new activities to be developed. Under no circumstances may the activity be promoted with images showing uses that are not permitted.

Commitment 3 – Proactivity in public-private partnerships

Collaborate with the Administration in updating, improving or promoting measures related to their activities in the natural environment. In particular, with regard to the regulation of access, rules of use or promotions, although any other type of participatory proposal or means of collaboration will be considered. To generate this collaborative framework, technical working groups and other stable communication channels will be strengthened.

Scope 2. Sustainability

Commitment 4 – Recycling and waste management

Incorporate environmentally friendly materials in the activities, ideally biodegradable. Single-use plastics will be eliminated and waste will be correctly separated and deposited in the correct containers. In addition, other waste that is not managed by municipal services should be taken to authorized waste managers.

Commitment 5 – Awareness and care of the environment

Actively collaborate with the cleanliness of the environment. It will be valued to be able to do it during the same activities in nature (to the extent of the possibilities of each company) or by participating in conferences organized for this purpose, either by the company itself or by third parties. Likewise, whenever possible, possible incidents identified will be reported to the Administrations with jurisdiction in the territory.

Commitment 6 – Minimization of environmental footprint

To generate as little environmental impact as possible during activities, seeking a balanced interaction with the natural environment. This includes the proper use of infrastructure (trails, recreational areas, resting places, ports, viewpoints, etc.), avoiding amplified sounds, not littering, and respecting the carrying capacity, among other issues.

Commitment 7 – Socioeconomic development of the territory

The tourist offer, initiatives and services developed by the companies adhering to the charter must have a tangible impact, either directly or indirectly, on the island’s economic development. Measurable well-being must be generated in the local population, making tourist use compatible with public-citizen use. A distribution of users throughout different natural areas of the island will be promoted, avoiding the overcrowding of those hot spots that, due to their characteristics, are usually busier. At the same time, direct contact with local populations will be promoted in a cross-cutting manner, without this implying saturation or the possibility of rejection.

Commitment 8 – Identity and cultural heritage

The offer must seek coherence with the island’s identity, prioritizing the unique elements of Tenerife and their enhancement in innovative formats. Popular traditions and customs should serve to articulate and diversify the tourist offer in nature throughout the island geography, revaluing the culture and identity of Tenerife. All this includes, to the extent of the possibilities of each company, the dissemination and consumption of local products, as well as the presentation of tangible and intangible ethnographic elements that enrich the value of the service.

Scope 3. Excellence

Commitment 9 – Integral vision of service delivery

Tourism activities in nature should be a vital tool to promote awareness of the conservation of natural resources, integrating the vision of sustainability in the provision of services and where excellence and orientation to the needs of customers are a maxim.

Commitment 10 – Presence and image

To bet on an impeccable image of service and professionalism. Companies must be committed to adequately maintain all infrastructures, work areas, offices (if any) and materials used for the development of activities.

Commitment 11 – Transparency and clarity with customers

The information to be transmitted must be clear, direct and truthful. The companies will offer in their offices or points of sale (if any) personal advice with updated information on their services, as well as on the Natural Spaces of the island or other relevant information on the destination as a whole. All information will always be available in at least two languages: Spanish and English.

Commitment 12 – Digital and social media presence

To be present on the Internet and in the main social networks, in order to maintain direct contact and interact with customers before, during and after their visit to the island.

Commitment 13 – Safety and health protocols

Strictly comply with official health protocols, according to this field of activity. Similarly, security must be an essential part of the service offered by companies. Therefore, at the beginning of each activity, we will always ensure compliance with the basic instructions to be followed, both in terms of health and safety protocols, as well as guidelines for behavior in case of emergency.

Commitment 14 – Networking and training

Participate annually in the training sessions promoted specifically for the companies that are members of the Charter by Turismo de Tenerife. Companies should facilitate the participation of at least one person who can pass on the knowledge acquired to the rest of the team.

Commitment 15 – Commitment and improvements

Maintain the daily commitment that the human and technical team is aware of the criteria defined in this charter, ensuring knowledge of the 15 points that make up this document.


Tazirga has been evaluated by the consulting firm Ecotouristing with very satisfactory results. We scored 100 points in 10 of the areas, 83 in one area, 80 in another, and 66 in another, while two items have not yet been evaluated as this is the first audit. And we are already in the process of making the corresponding improvements: on the uniform, which, being a short-sleeved T-shirt, the logo was not visible!

From Tazirga we are very grateful with the achievements obtained and we see that the work is also thanks to all the people who have favored the execution of the routes. Thanks to the people who participate in them as public, the institutions and companies that trust Tazirga day after day, the women and companies that collaborate in the routes of “Ellas, sabias huellas”. As well as the local business network that participates in other routes, provides us with services and the many people who transfer their knowledge and encourage us to continue moving forward to form a better world among the whole society.

Of course, we always thank the family and friends, and the educational institutions that allow the conciliation to be possible so that society can benefit from the routes.


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