Tazirga, means in the aboriginal language of the first inhabitants of the Canary Islands, the woman who takes you to the water. The origin of this name lies on the island of Gran Canaria. 

Rut Gómez Linacero, founder of Tazirga, started using this name at the beginning of her professional career when she was a diving instructor because of the connection she shared with this name. 

Since then,  Rut’s project has grown and transformed, becoming TazirgaWellness Tours, a new company of its kind, which combines tours  on the island of Tenerife, with activities that lead us to connect with nature. All this, to achieve an unforgettable experience where you can enjoy learning and relaxing in close contact with the elements of nature.

Our values

Tazirga principles

Unique experiences

We want to offer unique experiences in which, as well as getting to know the environment in which we find ourselves, we can also have a holistic experience. A place where we can capture sensations that daily stress does not allow us to, where we can savour every minute, and where we can be and connect with ourselves in a simple and very natural way.


We adapt to everyone, so we have accessible vehicles available on request, and we have wheelchair accessible trails for our activities, as well as accessible diving centres and boats.


We are an Eco-sustainable company (to the best of our ability). We are committed to slow tourism, we value the environmental impact of our activities. We value local products and we support the rural economy, by using small family businesses on our gastronomic stops.


¡Hi! I am rut

My name is Rut Gómez and I am a nature and tourism guide focused on wellbeing. I have lived in many parts of the world throughout my life and shared diverse professional and personal experiences. And in all of them, so different from each other, they have led me to a firm belief in my performance as a professional: I do not conceive tourism if it is not a conscious and responsible tourism.

This is where Tazirga was born, from the need to create a connection between our wellbeing and the natural spaces that surround us. From the need to offer unique experiences that, above all, are capable of contributing to society in its sustainable and feminist growth.

I believe that people involved in tourism have the ability to unite our heritage – natural, cultural and social – with our person. That is why Tazirga is built as a safe and accessible space for those who want to enter it.

In short, Tazirga, Conscious Tourism is another step towards experience. A gateway to your inner self through the environment that surrounds us.

They collaborate with Tazirga



Hello, my name is Monse, from La Gomera. I am an Agricultural Engineer, Official Tourist Guide of the Canary Islands and Interpreter Guide of Nature.

In all my professional facets I have always had a clear commitment and love for the place where I live, our culture and our people.

Disseminating and caring for all this heritage in a conscious way is something I am proud of and passionate about. And of course, creating a relevant space for women, who in silence or silenced, always wisely, have played and still play a fundamental role in society, which has not been sufficiently acknowledged.


María Condo

I have a degree in Philology from the University of Rome RomaTre. After graduating from high school, I took the exams in Italy to obtain a tourist guide’s licence for the province of Vibo Valentia.

I arrived in Spain in 2004 working first as a tourist animator and then as a receptionist on the islands of Mallorca, Gran Canaria and, since 2006, in Lanzarote. Since 2019 I am a Qualified Tourist Guide of the Canary Islands Government and since 2020 I am registered in Active Tourism and Tourist Intermediation.
I have always tried to organise guided tours and visits to less crowded areas, showing the less known aspects of the territory, from the point of view of natural heritage as well as historical and/or cultural.

This inevitably involves showing and highlighting all those women who, for various reasons, have been silenced or not talked about as much in conventional routes and guides. To highlight the great human heritage that these women represent is one more way of highlighting the destination as a whole, leaving nothing and no one behind.

Mary Cabral

Hello! I’m Mary Cabral, and I’m passionate about guiding others towards an active and creative life filled with purpose. My focus revolves around blending physical activity with artistic expression to craft a vibrant and balanced life.

My values mirror the importance of living authentically and courageously. I believe in constant exploration, personal growth, and empowerment through creativity and action. These values seamlessly align with the principles that Rut Gómez has instilled in Tazirga Wellness Tours. As the owner of Tazirga, Rut has crafted a space where wellness merges with a connection to nature and creative expression.

Our collaboration carries a deeper purpose: to merge my expertise as an official guide and entrepreneurial creative woman with Rut’s vision. Together, we are committed to providing enriching experiences that inspire others to tap into their potential through movement and creativity. My involvement in Tazirga Wellness Tours is a testament to how shared values can unite two passionate women, creating a positive impact on those around us.

I invite you to join this exciting journey by signing up for one of tour unique experiences through the Tazirga Wellness Tours webpage. Together, we’ll explore how the synergy between wellness, creativity, and community can enhance your life. You can find more details and my credentials on my Linktree: [linktr .ee/MaryCabral]. Looking forward to seeing you there!”



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