What to see in Anaga

Anaga forestry experience
Anaga forestry experience

What to see in Anaga

Where is the Anaga Massif?

Anaga is a natural area of Tenerife, comprising the northeastern area of the island. Its name has been kept since pre-Hispanic times, and its origin is not clear, but it is estimated that it may mean place with hills or mountains.

It is one of the first emerged areas of Tenerife, and therefore we will observe a landscape truly eroded by time, which allows us to play with the geological and vegetation contrasts while observing it and getting lost in its magnificence.

The Anaga massif is a rural park, also declared a Biosphere Reserve since 2015. This is due to the high concentration of endemic species, including 3 Natural Reserves whose access is restricted:

  • El Pijaral
  • The Roques de Anaga
  • Ijuana


What to see in Anaga?

Anaga dazzles visitors with its landscapes, covered by a blanket of changing vegetation from the coast to the summit. Its steep ravines allow vertiginous images. And its cliffs give you postcard landscapes. Anaga also has a network of trails for the most intrepid people, and also for those who are new to hiking. At the same time you have recreational areas where you can spend a nice day exploring the surroundings. Its flora and fauna are completely unique. People from all over the world come to observe it. That is why we invite you to at least stop for a few minutes for this activity during your walk. If you don’t know how to do it, we have a great wellness activity for it, Shinrin yoku.

Its small villages are surprising for their well-preserved architecture, an amalgam of colors and styles. In each rural center you can enjoy the culinary varieties of the area, thus expanding the knowledge about Anaga.

Its beaches attract the attention of surfers, especially the north coast, where the waves generate the delights of this sport. In the days of rest, the beaches themselves become an idyllic setting to enjoy with the youngest members of the household.


How to get to Anaga Rural Park?

You can get to Anaga Rural Park in several ways.

It will always depend on the type of activity you want to do.

  1. By boat. In this case the ideal, due to the sea conditions, is to access from the southern area, from the beach of Las Teresitas or port of Santa Cruz, with one of the companies that provide service access to the beaches. Afterwards you can spend the day at the beach or take a trail that ends in Igueste de San Andrés or Las Teresitas and return with your vehicle, public transport or cab.
  2. The bicycle is another great alternative transportation method to move around Anaga, as long as you have experience, since its escarpments will make the less trained knees suffer.
  3. By road. You can access from 3 zones:
    1. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, direction San Andrés.
    2. San Cristobal de La Laguna, direction Las Mercedes
    3. Punta del Hidalgo.

From Santa Cruz de Tenerife and from San Cristobal de La Laguna you have public transport at your disposal, so you can make walking routes on your own.

You can also organize your route with Tazirga by requesting us to adapt to public transportation schedules. By doing so, we generate less pollution in the natural environment, and we support sustainability by sharing this means of collective transportation. We always value the available options, and we have already been recognized for this through the Cabildo of the island, as a company of the Sustainability Charter for nature activities.

If you want more information about the routes in Anaga, you can check our Forest Experience, always adaptable to what your group needs.


Where to eat in Anaga?

Anaga allows you to taste some of the local products in authentic relics of traditional fondas. In addition to knowing what to see in Anaga, we will also have to enjoy the food.

In El Roque de las Bodegas, Casa África is a must, where its salads with seasonal tropical fruits are an appetizer along with cheese with bread and homemade mojo. Doña África still runs the restaurant that bears her name, accompanied by the new family generation that follows the same line. You have to try the octopus, their specialty. It is a fried octopus with an unparalleled secret sauce.

In Taganana you have the option of Casa Picar, and Roque Las Ánimas, in both the escaldón is unthinkable to miss.

In La Cruz del Carmen La Gangochera offers km 0 products and in front of it you have another more carnivorous option with more time.

Historias para no dormir is an atypical restaurant managed by French people who include in their humble place the most varied meats: kangaroo, bear, magret… always with their own inspiring touch and I bring color and flavor. always with a touch of inspiration and with a touch of color and flavor. And if you are not a fan of so much animal protein, you can also stop by to taste the variety of cakes with their explosion of color.

In El Batán you have the bar casa mi pueblo, with home cooking and a few tables that fill your palate after walking through those endless ravines.

On our routes, you can choose the restaurant of your choice for a gastronomic stop, or request a picnic. If you are a vegan or vegetarian food lover, we also have vegan or vegetarian take-out menus. Just ask us here.


We hope we have solved your doubts about what to see in Anaga. If you wish to unravel Anaga on foot or by vehicle, you can do it with one of our guides by choosing the Forest Experience and setting up your tour at your own pace.

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