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Within each experience or activity, you will find the days and times available for them. Within each one, there is a calendar that shows you the available days, the current date and the dates that are not available for them.

It is possible to carry out guided tours privately or in very small groups, adapting them to the day and timetable of the client’s choice. It is subject to the availability of our guides. If you wish to carry out a private experience or activity, please contact us for more information: https://tazirga.com/en/contact-us/

Regular experiences generally leave on time. 15 minutes after the agreed departure time at the meeting point, the absence of the client will be considered as a cancellation of the contracted services, this being a sufficient reason to apply the corresponding cancellation policy:

Some places visited require access via stairs or narrow passages. In the description of each experience/activity, these details are specified as far as possible. It is essential that if you have reduced mobility, before making a reservation, contact us so that we can better inform you about the experience or activity you are interested in and if it is possible to adapt it to your needs, please, fill in all the information necessary to work on your query/request in the form available for this purpose: https://tazirga.com/en/contact-us/

This will depend on the natural areas in which we carry out the activity. Many of them, as they are ZEPA (bird protection areas), require dogs to be kept on a leash or not passing by in certain times (nesting…). Likewise, it is always advisable to go without pets, out of respect for the place, to better attend the activity, unless you have a guide dog. In this case, the dog must be accompanied by all the documentation in order, as well as the assistance animal badge.

In whale watching we have two resident species that we are almost certain to see, pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins, however we have no control over the weather or the wildlife.
Even after several years of working on the same experiences/activities, we can never predict exactly what we will see. But that’s part of the fun! However, we devote a great deal of time and expertise to identifying the best places, to maximize our chances of seeing the most interesting species. We also try to keep our itineraries flexible in dealing with unforeseen circumstances and taking advantage of new opportunities


Our website has been designed to make booking as easy as possible.
However, if you find any difficulties or have any questions during the process, please do not hesitate to contact us to receive the necessary support. We will be delighted to help you:


All bookings must be made on the website, in each experience, there is a section to make them, this way you will have access to the calendar, availability and everything you need to formalize it:


If you may have any problem, you can contact us. We will do our best to make easier the process:


As our excursions are personalized, they are unique and exclusive.
We have official and specific tour guides for each excursion, so finding a guide to do the activity from one day to the next is not an easy task, for this reason, we recommend you make your reservation as soon as possible .

In some tours we work with private providers that we trust (Other activities). The price of each activity is defined according to the number of people or if it is private. Groupe activities have a price per person and we need a minimum number of participants. Private tours can be hold just with one person, of course it will be totally customized.

Using your credit or debit card to make payments for your online booking on our website @tazirga.com is 100% secure. we use the most advanced encryption technology through the Turitop payment platform (booking engine installed on the web), you can check their privacy and payment policy here: https://www.turitop.com/es/politica-de-privacidad/
In this way, we guarantee the confidentiality and reliability of the transactions and/or processes that are carried out.

Payment on arrival is not possible at the moment. Any reservation you wish to make must be made through the options available for this purpose and payment must be made by the indications in the reservations section. If you may have a problem with your card, contact us please, and we check options as bank transfer for example.

Currently, payments can be made by credit or debit cards, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and UnionPay
and we use a safe payment platform (Turitop), you can check their privacy and payment policy here: https://www.turitop.com/es/politica-de-privacidad/

The Tazirga Wellness Tours booking process is completely automatic and all credit card transactions are 100% secure (processed through REDSYS).
If your credit card gives you a permanent error, please check that it has not expired, or that you may have entered your details incorrectly.
We recommend that you use another credit card to finalize your booking if the problem is not solved by the above methods. If you need help, please contact us: info@tazirga.com

Whenever a booking is made, you must wait to receive a confirmation email. Once payment has been confirmed, our booking platform will you send it. There are some routes, such as the access to the peak of Teide, where we must first confirm the access and then confirm the reservation.


If you wish to change the day of an experience or activity you have booked, you must may it through your booking when there is availability. If you cannot, please write us: info@tazirga.com. We recommend that you check the general conditions section at the bottom of our website: https://tazirga.com/condiciones-generales-de-venta/

Cancellations must be communicated in writing to info@tazirga.com.
The amount of notice required for cancellation and refund is specified in the cancellation and refund policy section of the general conditions:

Whenever you have any urgency or doubt regarding an experience or contracted activity, you should contact us using the details provided on your purchase voucher:

  • (info@tazirga.com)
  • +34 657 197 388
  • contact form:https://tazirga.com/en/contact-us/
  • info@tazirga.com
  • +34 657 197 388 (09:00-20:00)
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