Gender-sensitive hiking

At Tazirga, we're taking strides forward in eco-tourism, mindful hiking, slow tourism, responsible tourism, sustainable tourism, and slow travel. Follow us, step by step, as we explore the beauty of walking together ·

Explore the legacy of local women in 'Ellas, Sabias Huellas - Women, Wise Footprints'. A unique project that celebrates the history of women. Join us on a meaningful journey from the past to the present, immersed in nature, where women lead the way. This is the essence of mindful hiking, slow tourism, and responsible travel. Discover how sustainable tourism and eco-travel come together in the spirit of slow travel.

In “Ellas, sabias huellas -Women, wise footprints" the paths travelled by local women live on, in a project of dissemination and recognition of the history of women. A journey from the past to the present day through activities in nature where women take a step forward.



Explore ‘She, Wise Footprints’ an exciting offering by “Tazirga Wellness Tours”. This project gives light on the pivotal role that rural women play in Tenerife’s economic, social, and cultural growth.

Embark on ‘Ellas, Sabias Huellas – Mujeres, Huellas Sabias’ a mindful hiking adventure, where groundbreaking stories of our women ancestors unfold. Engage in eco-tourism, slow tourism, responsible travel, and sustainable tourism.

Embrace the essence of slow paced and eco-conscious journeys.


In shaping Sustainable Tourism

In our pursuit of equality, it’s paramount to acknowledge and celebrate the journeys of those who walked this way before us. For rural women, this recognition holds particular significance. They have been leading innovative efforts to refresh rural communities, preserving ancient occupations that founded the history of their regions.

Join us to pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of these wise women. We’ll explore the blend of eco-tourism, mindful hiking, slow tourism, responsible tourism, sustainable tourism, and slow travel.



Our aim is to walk together towards the recognition of rural women. Step by step we move forward, building new paths towards equality and diversity. While also take care of environmental, social and economic sustainability, without forgetting where we came and where we want to go.

Embracing a Global Message

of Empowerment

This project’s message knows no borders. It resonates across the globe, echoing the untold stories of women who’ve left an enduring legacy through their hard work. A cultural heritage often overlooked but deserving of our recognition.

Yet, as the backdrop for this endeavor, the project welcomes individuals from all walks of life. Whether you seek to uncover the tales of Tenerife’s remarkable women or grasp the role they played in the island’s evolution. You’ll gain insights into the significance of their durable impact.

Join us in the spirit of eco-tourism, mindful hiking, slow tourism, responsible tourism, sustainable tourism, and slow travel. As we celebrate these women legacy and their profound influence on history.

In order to continue building roads, we need to work with the next generations. Through the educational proposals of these routes we lend a hand to schools and educational centres in a common objective. Let’s walk together?

“Ellas, sabias huellas – Women, wise footprints” has a very clear goal: to create paths towards equality. Therefore, partnerships with different institutions are essential alliances in this joint commitment. Heritage, equality, tourism… All sectors coming together at the same meeting point!

The road to equality is not a journey you can take alone. You should do it with your family, with friends or in connection with your inner self. Thus, with a firm and conscious step, we invite you to follow these old paths in order to build new paths together. Shall we take a walk hand in hand?



The route “Entre lecheras y gangocheras” takes us to the old Menceyato de Tegueste. Even today, the same name is still preserved, as well as the female traditions that we are about to discover. A route full of Dolores, transformed into “Lola, Loli, Dolo” who have transgressed the meaning of their names: Loli, oenologist of Bodegas Barreto, Dolores, craftswoman of the fretwork, Lola, milkmaid from an early age.

It rises and falls without ceasing. Collecting pine needles, doing the laundry, tending the cattle, preparing the fire and lunch. By candlelight there is still time to finish the rosettes. They are the energy that drives Vilaflor’s economy. Through this route, and the testimonies of Rosa, Belén and the Bethlemite sisters, we will discover why it is impossible to talk about Vilaflor without talking about them.

When we weave with the same strength and roughness as we do with determination and care, things emerge that are as unbreakable as the women of the Cueva del Lino. Anaga becomes a space where textile production has been led by them. The rural diversity of its mountains, as well as the wine production, is also a great example of the diversity of the region. Thus, through the testimonies of Marisol and Ana, we will learn about the role of their women both in their past and in the present.

The Marquesses of Adeje played a very important role in the maintenance and construction of the artistic and architectural heritage of this rural area. Thanks to them we can walk through the streets and farming areas to understand a little better how Adeje society lived and still lives today. This trail is a wonderful opportunity to learn about our present through our history, a legacy that they preserved.

Arafo is a land rich in agricultural ecosystems. It is also a municipality with many female protagonists of these activities, such as the production of honey and the traditional grazing of Pelibuey sheep. Therefore, we will meet Pilar and Marta, two rural women who live their lives among ovens, bees and sheep, resulting in a fundamental exercise of agricultural production and recovery of their traditions.

Hands worn from collecting salt, family heritage passed down from mothers to daughters, tomato packers, and workers in the banana and sugar factories… They are an essential driving force in the natural enclave of Los Silos. Through this itinerary and testimonies such as those of Inmaculada, a Silos salt worker, you will learn why it’s impossible to talk about Los Silos without mentioning these women.



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